1. day
Arrival to Herzegovina with bus in Herzegovina or with plane to Split, Sarajevo or Dubrovnik airport. Transfer to the Wine hotel Cesarica***, welcome drink at the hotel restaurant followed with Herzegovinian lunch “japrak” –cabage rolls and grilled meat and vegetables.
In the evening wine tasting and slow food ( homemade smoked ham, cheese, homemade bread and olive oil – AG Wine cellars & Wine hotel Cesarica *** Međugorje
Breakfast, visit to the house of the rural tourism and Vinery Andrija Paoča with wine tasting, drive with the wine train to the vineyard where we have organized picknik with wine and slow food ( homemade young cheese “Škripavac”, homemade bread, smoked ham and “čvarci” – greaves )
Lunch at the ethno restaurant UDOVICE in the restaurant’s “konoba” ( Herzegovinian lamb on the spit )
In th afternoon arrival in Mostar and visit to the Old town. After short city break tour with local guide “treasure hunt” for pomegranate juice will ended in one of narrow coble stone streets of old town. Homemade kebab and other traditional slow food dishes will be served in National MM Restaurant close to the historic sites. In the wine tasting of famous stone wines and dinner( meat & fish )at the wine restaurant Romanca at the outskirts of Mostar on the winegrowing plantage.

3. day
Breakfast, visit to the waterfall Kravice on the river Trebižat and the oldest museum in Herzegovina in Ljubuški at the monastery Humac followed with wine tasting in Keža vinery. Visit to the Peć Mlini the source of the river Trebižat and Ravlića karst cave. Lunch in the house of rural tourism Marića Gaj in Grude with active role of guest in preparing of the homemade bread, polenta and “peksimeti”. Herzegovinina Donkey ride if you want.
– STORY ABOUT TOBBACO – yellow gold of Herzegovina
In the evening visit to the Ethno village Herceg in Međugorje, dinner in the old Herzegovinian house within Ethno village. Active role in preparation of dinner “peka” – meat and potato with vegetables under the lit.

4. day
Breakfast (check out from the hotel Cesarica) short city break tour to the medieval town Počitelj and brunch at the national restaurant Staklo in the downtown with homemade grilled sausages and meat. Visit to the Necropola Radimlja with stone graves “Stećak or Biljeg” from the medieval time. After 45 drive visit to the kars cave Vjetrenica, one of the longest in the region
Wine tasting in monastery Tvrdoš in Trebinje, the old cellars run by orthodox monks. Lunch in the ethno rastaurant Studenac on the bank of the river Trebišnica. In the late afternoon City break tour Trebinje – BEST OF OLD HERZEGOVINA tour- with wine tasting in Andjelic cellars followed by Gala Herzegovinian dinner ( cheese and meet diversity of Old Herzegovina in the restaurant of the hotel Platani****

5. day
Breakfast (check out from the hotel )
Departure with bus or transfer to Split, Sarajevo or Dubrovnik airport.

starting from….320 EURA per person
starting from… 260 EURA per person